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I created a utility to pull your Diablo 3 data into a spreadsheet and run comparisons on different builds. This is a quick document to show you how to get started.

Setting up an editable spreadsheet

The utility is read-only by default. To begin using it you must first save a copy to your Google Drive:

  1. Make sure you're logged into your Google account
  2. Follow this URL: http://yellow5.us/d3/builds/
  3. You'll be redirected to the Google spreadsheet. The reason for the redirect is so I can make changes without having to update URLs everywhere.
  4. Click File -> Make a Copy... Make sure you don't export it to Excel. It needs to remain as a Google spreadsheet.

Importing your Diablo 3 Heroes

Once you've made a copy there should be two new menu items at the top of the spreadsheet: Builds and Battle.net. The first time you use these menus, Google Sheets will ask for your permission to use extended features. If you don't accept, the snapshot and API import features will not work.

You import a character's equipment and stats by using the Battle.net menu. Import... will prompt you for your Battle Tag. After that you can use the menu to choose any Seasonal (S) or Non-seasonal (NS) hero in your list. They must be level 70 to show in the menu.

When you select a hero it will process for a while (roughly 10 seconds, give or take). This is expected -- it will pull in stats for each piece of your gear, and Google isn't really speedy when it comes to gathering the data and pushing said data into a spreadsheet. Once it's finished you'll see all your hero's stats loaded, including set bonuses if any exist (factoring in if you're wearing a RoRG). It WILL NOT import your usage of Paragon points since this is not presented in the API. Once Blizzard fixes this I'll work on shoe-horning that feature. Unfortunately you'll need to manually add Paragon stats to the associated section of the Build page for now.

Build Comparisons

Builds will allow you to save a snapshot of your stats as they're configured. This is useful if you want to compare multiple builds (or even heroes). Using this menu is pretty self-explanatory. You can overwrite the currently saved build, save a new build, and load / remove an existing build.

Compare stats on your saved builds by clicking the Charts tab at the bottom. There are a couple pre-made charts on that page. Feel free to add more.

The only tabs meant to be easily edited are Builds and Charts (if you're inclined to add / edit one of the example charts).

Stats can be amended if you want to calculate DPS for specific skill combinations, but make sure the rStats named range contains your new fields. You can add your custom Stat field as a column in the ChartData page for use in new charts. Firebird DoT is there as an example. The others tabs contain formula data. Feel free to pick those apart. Edit them at your own risk =)

Again, here's the URL: http://yellow5.us/d3/builds/. I'll make updates as time / needs allow. I appreciate any honest feedback!


Why is my ancient offhand's damage too low?
The API has not been updated to show the correct damage for ancient offhands. Unfortunately you'll need to enter the average damage manually.

The Builds and Battle.net menus aren't showing. Why not?
Make sure you saved a copy. Also make sure your copy is a Google Spreadsheet and NOT a Microsoft Excel file.

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1 K1ll3rrs wrote: [3:24pm on May 7 2015]

Um belo documento, continue assim, como posso ajudar?!!! TY =D good job.

2 K1ll3rrs#1806 wrote: [3:25pm on May 7 2015]

i use.

3 switticism#1695 wrote: [11:31pm on May 19 2015]

Excellent tool. TY! Having a problem though. For some reason, it will only pull six of my ten characters and is slightly off on the paragon points level. I am using Google Sheets. I've tried to import several times with a new copy of the spreadsheet and it still only pulls the same six characters (some seasonal and some non-seasonal). Any suggestions?

4 Anthony wrote: [12:38am on August 11 2015]

What's with this http://prntscr.com/837mm1 it doesnt work for me , and yes i did allow the permissions

5 Martin wrote: [10:09am on October 6 2015]

Same Problem "nPassive".... please fix

6 a dog ears user wrote: [11:06am on April 29 2016]

Are you still alive? http://yellow5.us/ looks orphaned. Could you possibly try to have "dog ears" signed? I'm missing my favorite addon so much.

7 a dog ears user jr wrote: [5:17pm on November 12 2016]

dog ears was one of my favorite extensions. hope you can get it signed. thanks :)

8 Matt wrote: [4:59pm on September 30 2017]

Does this spreadsheet still work? I don't see any options for downloading from battle.net any more...

9 Qorodk wrote: [11:00pm on February 4 2018]



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