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I woke up this morning with a little bit of a sore, congested throat; the same that Sarah had a few days ago and has since metastasized into a full-blown cold. And the same that Stephanie, a close friend of hers from work, stole from Barb, another friend from work, which is probably where Sarah picked it up as well.

Instead of taking any precautions, I was my usual cocky self. I know I rarely get sick. Somewhere deep down I must have thought it was a good idea to tempt fate, that I was somehow bigger and more important than all of that.

The Karmic Sickness Snowball

I've been working toward the biggest deadline of my life so far, and I admit I felt impervious to any illness. For as long as I can remember, when I have been in the middle of a major project, I haven't caught any kind of sickness. If I was to catch anything, it wouldn't be until after the work is complete. And when the sickness came, it hit me hard, as if its strength had been exponentially building in anticipation of the same deadline.

I know, this can probably be explained. I'm sure my body becomes so exhausted at the end of the project deadline that my defenses are lowered, and I easily lose the fight against any disease-ridden speck I come into contact with. I get it. So play along with me here =)

What about you?

Have you ever wondered if you could just put off or avoid a cold or other sickness by simply thinking past it? Did your thoughts have a more deliberate origin? What do you think came of it?

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1 Beckie wrote: [2:52pm on June 30 2007]

Your thoughts and actions have a lot to do with your daily life. If you continually think that you are coming down with something, then you are going to syke your body into thinking that it is sick. On the flip side. If you start coming down with a cold and think that you are not, then I think you can avoid a terrible cold. Now this is all within reason of course. You can't eat junk, not take care of yourself and expect to be healthy.

So yeah, I think to a certain extent you have control over how sick your become.

2 Jeremy Steele wrote: [4:13am on July 18 2007]

I am not sure about the whole thinking past the sickness unless by thinking you mean casting some cool Harry Potter spell in which case I would say definitely. Yes. However, since I am a muggle, I have another method. As soon as I think I'm getting sick, I o.d. on orange juice... I mean like two cartons in a 24 hour period. I usually works, but I'm never sure if it's that I wasn't sick to begin with, or if it was the amount of dorkiness in my veins that repelled it.

3 y5 wrote: [11:26am on July 18 2007]

Maybe to be safe I'll think positive thoughts AND drink a ton of orange juice before the deadline comes. Or not. I don't think I've ever had all my bases covered, so why start now? =)

4 Jeremy Steele wrote: [9:26pm on July 19 2007]

Or, maybe you should do something totally different like walk around with your watch on the wrong hand or drink a cup of worcestershire sauce. Also, someone should code an online version of Mow that uses video chat... just a thought *wink *wink

5 Ryan wrote: [4:01pm on July 20 2007]

I could work on that... course, Y doesn't like working with other actual people (smiley, snickering)... I could write the back end, but I know nothing of video chat and interwebs stuff like the caffeine addict probably does.

6 y5 wrote: [5:13pm on July 20 2007]

Okay... First, you have it backwards. I wouldn't like working with strangers. And you know this, man!

Second, I'm no longer a caffeine addict. I have had two caffeinated drinks since May 2006 (the weekend of your wedding), and since then I've been hooked on caffeine free Coke and decaf tea/coffee. And rice milk and sheep cheese and Triscuit.

Video chat? That wouldn't be too bad, but why do you need video? All you'd need is sound, right?

7 Jeremy Steele wrote: [6:22pm on July 22 2007]

You totally have to have the video portion how else will you know if someone bowed to the hue (hugh, hyoo, ?) Anyhugh, I would pay upwards of three chicken nuggets for software such as that. No Lie! And it's a shame about the caffene. You must feel weird with everyone around you doing it. I mean I totally would. But that will never happened because I have sold my brain to the Caffeine God of chemically induced concentration.

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