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A few days ago, I was charged with the assignment of helping to gather as much info as we could about a certain blogger, by using only information that was freely available via the web. I was amazed how much we were able to dig up.

Afterwards, I was turned on to a presentation given by private investigator Steve Rambam, titled Privacy Is Dead - Get Over It (Note that this is a two-part video). It was more than worth the ~3 hours Sarah and I spent watching it. More interesting than the content was the fact that neither of us were too surprised by what he had to say.

Yes, I have regained a little respect for selecting things I reveal about myself, but given the choice between convenience or consequence, I suppose I'm like most people. Convenience will always win until the consequences become more personal than they are at the moment; until things become markedly and noticeably uncomfortable. It's like the frog sitting happily in the pot of warm water while the temperature gradually rises. The difference between real life and the frog analogy is that at least the frog has a forseeable end coming. Who knows where we're headed with this?

If I was amazed at anything in the video, it was the litany of moronic questions posed at the Q&A session at the end. How could so many ignorant people be in one room, let alone given the floor? If I'm Steve, I never ask anyone for questions again. Remind me of that if I ever decide to speak in public.


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