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I've realized that this just isn't working out. Like so many things, I had huge plans for this blog and made it so prohibitive and cumbersome to post something that I never feel like keeping up with it. But instead of giving up completely (or in addition to it, however you look at it), I'm going to try something new.

Today at work I was forced to set up a Twitter account. As an ISTJ (a self-fulfilling prophecy of a personality type), I hate joining social networks. I had to join Facebook once, again for work-related reasons, and I don't even know what I chose for my e-mail/password for the site. I'm just not that interested in people knowing what I'm up to at any moment in time, and more importantly, in knowing stuff about my friends that everyone else happens to know as well.

So anyway, Twitter. I guess I can see the draw to it, in an empathetic sort of way, but I don't see the point in signing up for a whole new service, learning new APIs, and keeping up with a new standard, when blogs and RSS already exist. And instead of posting where I'm at, what I'm doing, etc, I'd rather just post my thoughts.

This is my experiment. If I can't be bothered to sit and write paragraphs on end of reviews and code (for my benefit alone, of course.. you're only really here if you're family or your voyeuristic boredom has the best of you ATM), I'll try to make very staccato posts of what I'm thinking. Because sometimes I do have something to say to someone, and forget, and maybe it wasn't that important.. but who knows, right?


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