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Early last week I was in the Christmas spirit and decided to volunteer at the Salvation Army with a few co-workers. Okay, I really went to change things up a bit, and get out of the office. But I thought it would be nice to serve a little too. Seriously, it wasn't completely selfish.

I think out of the almost 200 people who showed up for help, 80% of them were sick in one way or another. I didn't notice anyone covering his/her mouth or otherwise shielding the rest of the world from whatever they happened to be carrying. So, yeah, I saw this coming. Self-sacrificing to the end, I guess.

We're pretty security-conscious here at work. If you leave your computer unlocked when you get up, even if it's to retrieve a printout, you're risking your mouse buttons getting switched, your autocorrect being abused, or worse, just to prove a point.

Now I'm tempted to leave my machine unlocked and walk away for no good reason. My mouse buttons will be reversed for about 30 seconds. Care to guess how long this cold will last?

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1 Ryan wrote: [8:12pm on December 5 2008]


2 y5 wrote: [9:46pm on December 5 2008]

I know, right?

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