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Mushroom Cloud

After all the doomsaying and worrying, August 22nd has passed, but not without some promise of impending chaos and destruction: It happens to be the day that my journal officially starts. I hope you believe in coincidences. I'm not sure I do yet.

My plans are to write here whenever I find something of interest, mostly having to do with web design and programming. Occasionally I'll post something non-tech related, such as something about hockey, video games, or even current events.

I'm not the most informed person in the world (I'm pretty ignorant, actually), and you'll find a lot of times I just don't think before I speak. This translates to the way I interact on the internet too. Feel free to call me on it in the comments whenever it happens.

Self-deprecation aside, this is It's still a work in progress. Soon I'll have my Firefox extensions posted here, along with many other useful scripts and ideas. Enjoy!

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1 Nick Presta wrote: [5:30am on August 23 2006]

Great looking site. It looks awesome!

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