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The WindowsUpdate extension adds a "Windows Update" item to the Firefox Tools menu, and launches Internet Explorer to the Windows Update site when clicked.

This extension does NOT open the Windows Update site in Firefox. It is meant to make migration from IE to Firefox as comfortable as possible for new users by giving them a familiar launchpoint to the Windows Update site. If you are looking for an extension to open IE in Firefox, look no further than IE Tab by Hong Jen Yee.

WindowsUpdate contains options which are accessible by clicking "Tools->Addons/Extensions" and double-clicking the WindowsUpdate entry.

If you are experiencing an issue which cannot be resolved using the options menu, or have any comments or suggestions, please contact me. For bug reports, include your WindowsUpdate version, Firefox version, and any javascript console errors. Thanks for your help!

Current Version

  • Changed maxversion to 4.0.*

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