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I wrote this so I wouldn't lose track of interesting areas of extremely long pages. This extension will let you dog-ear parts of a page so you can move on without fear of being unable to find them later. Marking a spot will place a digit, starting with 1, on the page. You can then quickly return to these marked areas by using a hotkey (Shift+Spacebar) or by clicking the status bar icon.

Firefox 2 and up will save your dog ear locations for individual URLs.

Please note that using Shift+Click to mark the page will not work if you are clicking directly on text. This is intended to avoid conflicts with the Firefox default action of highlighting text.

If you are experiencing an issue with Dog Ears, or you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me. For bug reports, include your version of Dog Ears, Firefox version, any javascript console errors, and the URL of the webpage in question. Thanks for your help!

Current Version

  • Changed maxversion to 4.0.*

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