Christmas 2010 Wish List

My wish list updated for Christmas 2010

Calorie Spreadsheet

This is what I've been using to track weight changes.

My Bookmark List

This is a dynamic list of all the bookmarks I've chosen to share. Sort of like del.icio.us, but usable with Firefox 3.

Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo

If this happens, I'll be connecting to the internet via AT&T / Microsoft DSL... right?

Christmas 2007 Wish List

My Amazon wish list updated for Christmas 2007

Video: Rock Band

A video of a few people playing the upcoming Rock Band game.

W3C: Default browser styles

The W3C recommended values for a browser's default styles.

kuler - color themes

I know this is probably really old, but it's a great tool to help look for color themes.

Walmart says NO to Firefox, Mac, Apple

It's not like Wal-Mart really needed market share... Right?

Mozilla's Storage database API

The Storage API uses SQLite, and works with Firefox 2 and above.

Time Warner came up short

A friend of mine ran into problems with his cable connection, and tried in vain to get help from Time Warner. It's sad how common this is.

My Amazon Wish List

Pretty please?

Ohio State / Axis of Evil T-Shirts

I created a t-shirt design for sale at CafePress. Wear it with pride and support the Buckeyes in their annual battle against that state up north.

Supported Wii Controller Matrix Guide

A chart illustrating which controller can be used for what games on Wii.

Efficient JavaScript

Some tips for javascript efficiency. From those kind folks at Opera.

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

Richard Rutter of clagnut started writing a wonderful guide to web typography, based on extracts from The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst.

Bulletproof HTML: 37 Steps to Perfect Markup

Tommy Olsson's Sitepoint article addresses some frequently asked questions about HTML.


Tommy Olsson highlights the differences and similarities between HTML and XHTML.

Some iPods ship with Windows Virus

First McDonalds, now Apple... What is going on?

Web 2.0 Thinking Game

The backlash against buzzwords 2.0 has officially begun.

McDonalds ships MP3 players with a trojan

I really want to know the story behind this one...

Closing the gap between list items in IE

Roger Johansson provides a fix for yet another annoying IE6 rendering bug.

Ten Questions for Peter-Paul Koch

I especially like his view on JS libraries.

Objectifying Javascript

This is the best object-oriented Javascript tutorial I've read so far.

Beware of JavaScript Library Overkill

Ryan Campbell compares execution time between a for loop and prototype.js' implementation of enumerables.

Mozilla 2 Roadmap Update

Brendan Eich outlines what Mozilla has in store version 2, which will likely affect Firefox 4.

@media - coming to a continent near you

Now this is tempting, even if San Francisco is far, far away.

Web Designer and Proud of It

Some simple, abstract steps for aspiring professional web designers.

the agony and the ecstasy

We attended a Make-A-Wish Foundation dinner a couple months ago, and I happened to win something awesome in a silent auction.

Valid downlevel-revealed conditional comments

The validator-friendly and hack-free way to allow only non-IE browsers to parse blocks of HTML.

JSON is a subset of the Object Literal

A useful description of how JSON relates to javascript objects.