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Journal: Harmless Government Cookies Aug 08, 2009

Before deciding to post something here, tonight was a night like most nights. I was getting ready for bed, reading different news items from feeds I've stored on my Google Reader account. While doing so, Sarah asked me if I'd heard or read anything about the federal government's desire to resume using cookies on their websites after being restricted for the last 9 years.

Journal: Twitter! Argh!! Nov 25, 2008

In the signup process, Twitter asks for your e-mail address and password, so they can check your contact list for any friends that also use their service. I just couldn't do it. Even with their promises that it wouldn't be abused, I'd have to change my Gmail password anyway.

Journal: The Nasty Cold from Heaven Nov 25, 2008

Early last week I was in the Christmas spirit and decided to volunteer at the Salvation Army with a few co-workers. Okay, I really went to change things up a bit, and get out of the office. But I thought it would be nice to serve a little too. Seriously, it wasn't completely selfish.

So I get there, and I think out of the almost 200 people who showed up for help, 80% of them were sick in one way or another. I didn't notice anyone covering his/her mouth or otherwise shielding the rest of the world from whatever they happened to be carrying. I saw this coming, too. Self-sacrificing to the end, I guess.

Journal: It's been a long time Nov 25, 2008

I've realized that this just isn't working out. Like so many things, I had huge plans for this blog and made it so prohibitive and cumbersome to post something that I never feel like keeping up with it. But instead of giving up completely (or in addition to it, however you look at it), I'm going to try something new.

Journal: Thinking Away a Cold Jun 26, 2007

I woke up this morning with a little bit of a sore, congested throat; the same that Sarah had a few days ago and has since metastasized into a full-blown cold. And the same that Stephanie, a close friend of hers from work, stole from Barb, another friend from work, which is probably from whom Sarah picked it up as well.

Instead of taking any precautions, I was my usual cocky self. I know I rarely get sick. Somewhere deep down I must have thought it was a good idea to tempt fate, that I was somehow bigger and more important than all of that.

Journal: The Web Development Community and Political Ideology Feb 01, 2007

After downloading the Firebug extension for Firefox (a must-have for web development and design), I happened to start reading Joe Hewitt's web journal.

One of his posts lamented how he believes socialism is a disincentive for creativity. Out of curiosity, I read a few of the comments, and I was intrigued at the number of comments by those who lean to the left of center ideologically. A clear majority of the comment posters disagreed with Joe's argument, and a couple of them even quoted icons like Marx and Chomsky.

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I am a web programmer living and working near Columbus, Ohio.

Journal: Convergence: Microsoft, Mozilla, Nintendo and Sony Oct 05, 2006

A realization that everything seems to be coming together at one time, specifically this fall/winter.

Journal: Doomsday Aug 23, 2006

The obligatory first blog post.