Apache 0 entries

I'm somewhat familiar with Apache, an extremely well-documented and robust open-source web server application.

Browsers 0 entries

All entries relating to web browsers will be thrown into this category.

CSS 0 entries

Entries relating to CSS will be posted under this category.

Games 1 entry

Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, etc. Gaming related items will be posted here.

Javascript 2 entries

Javascript is one of the most useful tools for developing webpages. It's also among the most abused, which is why js-blocking Firefox extensions such as NoScript are so popular. Anything I write in this category will most likely emphasize unobtrusive javascript practices. This means that anyone with javascript disabled will still be able to use the webpage effectively.

Life 1 entry

This is where I'll post anything related to events in my life.

PHP 0 entries

PHP is one of the most powerful and thoroughly documented server-side languages available.

Privacy 0 entries

Anything having to do with privacy and violations thereof.

Troubleshooting 0 entries

I'll file under this category any solutions to significant problems or bugs I've faced.