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I am a web programmer living and working near Columbus, Ohio. My wife and I live with a dog named Samantha.


I attempted many majors in college, including Psychology, Sociology, Christian Ministries, Secondary English Education, and Philosophy. Finally, I switched my focus to Computer Science. This completed a circle; computer programming was my main interest during high school.

In 2001 I earned a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Kent State University in Kent, OH. Kent State was the third college I attended after Asbury College (Wilmore, KY) and Gulf Coast Community College (Panama City, FL). I graduated with a B average.


I enjoy watching hockey and college football. My favorite teams include the Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets of the NHL, and the Florida Gators, Clemson Tigers, South Carolina Gamecocks, and the Ohio State Buckeyes of NCAA football.


If I'm not programming or making an attempt at design, I'm probably playing video games. I've been a gamer since I was about 8 years old, when I inherited a TI/99/4A system. I remember playing Parsec, Munchman, and Chisolm Trail, and competing with my dad for high scores. My favorite activities still include programming, gaming, indoor hockey, and ultimate frisbee at night.

Web Development Background

Soon after graduation, I took an interest in server-side web programming using PHP, along with database administration using MySQL. I use PHP and MySQL on a daily basis, both at work and at home.